Welcome to Sonogenetics
What is Sonogenetics?

Sonogenetics is the use of ultrasound to non-invasively manipulate neurons and other cells expressing exogenous protein channels.

Meet the Team
Sonogenetics team 2022
Alumni and where they are now:

Uri Magaram: Entrepreneur
Eric Edsinger: Research Scientist, Friday Harbor Labs UW and Whitney Institute
Janki Patel: PhD student at Harvard University
Ahana Chakraborty
Corinne Lee-Kubli: Scientist at DTx Pharma
Yusuf Tufail: Senior scientist at Lundbeck
Marc Duque: PhD student at Harvard University
Jose Mendoza-Lopez: MD-PhD student at the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program
Connor Weiss: PhD student at the University of Washington
Rani Shiao: PhD student at the Rockefeller University
Stuart Ibsen: Assistant professor at the Oregon Health and Science University


In order to realize the complete potential of sonogenetics, we have strategically identified individuals, labs and companies that offer technical expertise in various scientific fields. We have established collaborations with key individuals in the fields of materials engineering, transducer design, ion channel biophysics, molecular engineering and neuroscience. We welcome fresh ideas to foster new partnerships that aim to advance sonogenetics for the scientific and clinical community.